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If you're a regular TTPer (someone who hangs out in that little bit of bandwidth called Trust The Process), then you've heard all about my desire to be a filmmaker. {"I wanna make films...I wanna make films...I wanna make films..."}

Adam has always played a big part---no pun intended---in this dream. His videos sit right alongside the Duran Duran videos on my shelf. These are the visual images that sparked many storylines in my teenage head, some of which refuse to leave even now.

A friend of mine has finally become bored with my endless ramblings and quite plainly kicked me square in the seat of my pants. Stop talking about it and DO something, he says. DOH! So...

You might just want to watch this page for a link to future film projects. They'll be quite small and...well, I'm using a Tyco VideoCam right now. You remember, one of those kiddie things? So professional quality will be in the viewer's eye. But look out comes Little Boots/Dior Productions---with a little help from Xaxin, Joodi K., Beth Silver, Tigger1, Drnmode...and on and on and on.

Bright Lights; Black Leather

Ahhh, yes. This is the way I first saw Adam Ant waaaay back in the early 80s: A prancing highwayman with a bit of the dandy about him. The stuff young girls' fantasies are made of...or at least they were back in those wonderful New Romantic days.

And, I must admit, this is the stuff which still inhabits the woman's fantasies, too.

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Little Boots/Dior Productions:
This is the is an experimental site, seeing what we might like to do one day with a professional site for the company. Feel free to go check it out, although it is still under major construction!

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