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Coyote Shivers
"Out with the {girls} I went/And soon our paths had met..."
Yes, It's "Battlestar Galactica"...
I loved the show. I still do. This is the story of one amazing year in my childhood...I dare you, double-dog dare you, to go check it out. (Geek photo at the end as your reward!)
Robert Downey, Jr.
(more to come after him...)
Andy Prieboy
From Wall of Voodoo to "White Trash Wins Lotto", Andy Prieboy is one musician worthy of the title of composer.
Adam Ant
He was underground punk. He was New Romantic. He was theatrically inclined. Now married and a father, he is slowly but surely winding his way back into Pop Culture. "Anymore for the Christian Dior?"