Veronica Speaks

{{{DISCLAIMER: No, I'm not the Veronica in the song, as though anyone would actually suspect it, okay? But it's not hard to discern what I do for a living...}}}

Sometimes being broke is a good thing, as I discovered on the sixth of October. That particular Wednesday night, I was supposed to go to The Viper Room to see John Taylor/Terroristen. Fundage was not there.

Instead, I opted to go see this guy my friends had been raving about for some time. Coyote Shivers was playing at The Dragonfly---and the entrance was a perfect $7.00. His showtime was 11:30. I left Long Beach at 11:20. BUT this being Hollywood and all, his show was bumped a bit in time. Thank God.

12:15 am. I'm waiting in line at the door of The Dragonfly, and I hear the beginning of a song. I ask the bouncer who's up on stage, and he tells me it's Coyote Shivers. Cool! How much longer do they have to go? I ask. "These are the first notes of their first song," comes the reply. Sometimes Hollywood isn't such a bad place, after all, I think.

As I pay the girl at the door and wait for my change, hoping I can find my friends whom I've never even met, I catch glimpses of his star-sparkled body onstage. Even from this distance, there is something about him that pulls people's attention his direction. That illusive star quality? Just personal charisma? Maybe the joining of both in a very talented man.

Even dressed as vanilla as I was (jeans and a knit shirt, although I did have blue bangs), I still managed to get grabbed by some guy within a minute of walking in the door. I'm trying to get to the stage, and he's trying to pull me off into a corner somewhere. Very flattering, but I wasn't there to get picked up, okay? This is where years of working in strip clubs pays off...we know how to disentangle ourselves from the most ardent admirers (and perverts, I might add), without needing to call for help. See you later, buddy!

I circle the floor, searching in vain for three young women matching the descriptions that had been ICQed me a few hours earlier. And being distracted by the enticing show onstage...

Wait, I think I see Blakey. The crowd is nice, and I don't even have to push through to get to her. Sure enough, here's Blakey with Lilo at her side, and I now meet Syldath Angelfire, MsKitka, and BlueBaby for the first time. After a round of hugs, our attentions revert back to the stage. We couldn't help it.

I must admit, I haven't had this much fun at a show in years. From watching Coyote, Chad, and Casper entertain the crowd, to seeing my friends gazing raptly at the stage, to having Blakey snag a pink balloon from the ceiling and tie it in my hair...this was some of the best time and money I have ever spent in my life.

As for the music? It's a rare thing indeed when all the lyrics are comprehendible in a live setting, especially when the listener has never heard any of the songs before. The music pulsated with this sensual energy that shifted every nerve ending to a higher setting. And the lyrics? Oh, God...I know of no one else who could turn around and find a couple involved in the beginnings of foreplay on his stage. And no one else who could pull off lyrics like these with total sexual sincerity:

well you can suck my cock till a million o'clock
as long as my girlfriend can watch
well you can do anything that you wanna do
while my girlfriend goes down on you
yeah, if you are a sexy girl who
is a little bisexual too
get in line we'll get to you..1..2..

---"Bisexual Girl"

I feel so funny deep inside
when I lick between your thighs


just maybe
I'll take you home with me
we'll be alone and you can see
just how strict I can be
so baby
you better obey me
when I say get on your knees

---"The Rules: 3 Steps To Safer Sex"

I laughed out loud when I heard "Veronica", a song about a stripper. It is such a true song, and I knew immediately that it needs to go into the jukebox at my work. What am I saying---it ALL needs to go there!

This was a totally amazing experience, and it didn't stop once the band left the stage.

After the show, Blakey had to take Lilo home so she could get a few hours' sleep before her test in the morning. I was too hyped to head back to Long Beach yet, so I stayed and hung out with MsKitka, BlueBaby, and Syldath (henceforth known as The Coyote Collective). We danced to the deejay's music, shared a 7-Up, and I rolled my eyes as they laughed at my weirdness.

Chad Stewart, Coyote's drummer, came out from the backstage area and talked with us for quite awhile. This simple act surprised me, since many of the original acts I've seen tend to be a bit stand-offish when it comes to female fans they don't know very well. (Mike from Rosemary's Billygoat is one definite exception to this!) Chad was very nice, and although I could only hear about half the conversation, I remember him asking each one of us who our favorite band is. I popped off with the first thing that came to mind, Coal. (It should have been Scenario 34, but.)

A little later, Coyote came out and saw Chad talking with us. He came over and made a comment about how he can't have the drummer being the representative of the band. I had to laugh at that. Chad wandered off to leave Coyote holding court with us.

What an amazing guy. Attentive, courteous, recognized The Coyote Collective from his website (see link below). He seems as though he actually cares what his followers think about his music, his show, and life in general. This is a big part of that star quality I mentioned earlier. Coyote gives the impression both in person and online that he's not one to take *the little people* for granted. This is one of the things that will gain him more fans, and fans that will stick with him through the years.

I walked into that club that night expecting to see just another band in the Los Angeles music scene. A bunch of guys who might be nice, but might be arrogant assholes. What I found instead were a couple of men (I didn't get to meet the bassist, Casper) who I'd be proud to call my friends if they just worked at the Baskin Robbins across the street from my bar. They give the impression of being genuine, down-to-earth, wonderful people...and that is what ultimately counts in the long run.


BTW, in case you're interested, here's the set list for that night, straight from Coyote Shivers himself as best as he can remember it:

-Plus One
-the song i leave "untitled"
-The Rules
-Secretly Jealous
-Bisexual Girl
-Its All Over
-with the encore - Something Happens or something like that...order might be a little different


So? What the hell are you waiting for??? Click on the link below and go check this guy out! Gaze raptly at the photos as you listen to the MP3s of the songs Dazza has put up on the site for the video clips...and if you're as enthralled as I was, ORDER THE DAMN CDs!!!!! (And don't forget to check him out in Empire Records and Johnny Mnemonic!)

This is Coyote as I first saw him, at The Dragonfly.

This photo was taken by the illustrious MsKitka, who sent it to me in good faith and had no clue I'd slap it up on my website.

THIS photo (C) MsKitka...use it and die a horrible death listening to backwards masking on John Tesh albums.

As you can tell from the rest of my site, I am only waiting for another show so I can bring a camera myself. (I'll leave my toothbrush and a change of clothes at home.) I suggest if you see him playing anywhere you should go. You won't be disappointed.

Of course, if you'd just like to talk with the man, I suggest going to the Coyote Shivers site and clicking on the upcoming events link...It's very relaxed, so you have nothing to be afraid, really...I'll see you there...



Coyote, Take 2

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