Veronica Speaks

Coyote Takes It On The Road...Literally

~~~Wednesday, March 14, 2001~~~

What is it with me? I seem to have really funky (bad funky, not good funky) days when Coyote is playing that night. This day was no different, but perhaps it was the Ides of March visiting its influence a bit early... All I know is that I was so disgusted by that night that I didn't even want to drive up to Hollywood. But I did...picking up a friend, Darin, along the way...and meeting MsKitka and BlueBaby at the door of The Dragonfly.

This night I finally brought *gasp!* a camera with me. Well, we'll see how decently the photos came out...

My mood lightened as I sat back on the patio with the other three, goofing off and doing some people-watching. Explained to Darin how we'd all met online, and not too long afterwards Darin and Blu fell into seperate conversations with other people while Kitka and I yakked about everything under the sun.