Lyrically Speaking

~~~ Coyote's Lyrics and Real Life ~~~

Sometimes a song just strikes a chord within you. Maybe it's the lyrics...maybe it's the music...maybe it's a combination of both. Coyote's songs have that combination. Since I am not getting into soundbites on this site at this particular time, we'll just have to deal with lyrics for the moment.

tried to see from your perspective
but yer already way too self deceptive
its amazing to see your selective memory
you can lie to yourself
but ya cant lie to me

How many ex-whatevers do you have who fit this description? C' have to have at least one. I know I do.

everything's fucked
just look around
a thousand years to build
and now its comin' down
if this were a movie plot
I wouldn't believe it
but if this were a movie I could
get up and leave it

Oh, boy. Talk about the themesong for the past two years of my life! ("Everything's fucked! The whole world is fucked!") And you know you've felt this way before, whether about your job, your family, your so-called romantic relationships...or a combination of these.

now that yer gone
I feel like I cant go on
I stumble round like a moron
got my curtains drawn
time creeps along
I wish they'd drop the bomb
~~~"Happiness Is A Warm Bong"

Again, the past two years of my life. Funny thing is, I haven't wanted him back for half that time. But I'm still acting like an idiot and playing the hermit. Still, the activity of Hollywood is looking better and better to me...

they said if it feels good it must be bad
but they also said that rock and roll was just a fad,
and anyway who cares what's good or bad
I know just what I want
and what I shall have
~~~"The Truth"

Oh, yeah......and I will.

yer bedroom window is my pay per view.....

I think of this song when I catch The Peeper peping on me from across the parking lot. And yes, sometimes I do things just to entertain the sod.

they all said "she's just another groupie slut"
and I said I thought you were anything but
think again, sometimes reputations outlive their applications
and sometimes fires donít go out, when yer done playing with them

If you've ever "been with the band", you can identify with this song in some way. Well, maybe if you're a girl...

i want a million dollars
i want fortune and fame
i wanna wash my drugs
down with champagne
until i blow out the candle
blow out my brain
~~~"Secretly Jealous"

If you're my age, you probably remember watching videos for Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Culture Club, ABC...all the glamorous, jet-set bands that came on the heels of 70s Glam Rock and Disco. I wanted to be the women in those videos. I wanted to live in exotic locales, wear beautiful clothing, and drown my nights in champagne and sex. Hell, I still do, but my budget just won't stretch that far! There's still the California Lotto, though...

you see, baby, i've decided
you're mine
you're mine
just resign yourself to it
you're mine
~~~"You're Mine"

Every one of us has felt this way about someone else at some point in our lives. Admit it. Maybe you feel this way about someone right now? Hey, you never know what might be had simply because you "thought" it into happening!

well bear with me baby
i don't know how to say it
but just bear with me baby
whenever you're within eyeshot
my fire alarm is ringing...
uh-oh, spider senses tingling
~~~"Something Happens"

you piss me off
with the things you say
you piss me off
in a major way
~~~"You Piss Me Off"

is this for real, or is she just working tips?
Veronica, what's your real name ?
and could i see you during the day ?