By the evening of April 30, they were already arriving. Carrying suitcases full of CDs and tapes. Cameras of all sizes. Old posters which had hung over beds ten years ago. Buttons that still adorned jackets. And photos. Lots and lots of photos everywhere.

There was a photo of when So-and-So met Simon backstage in 1984. Photos taken as recently as a few months before during the Medazzaland tour. Photos taken of Duran Duran inside hotel rooms, backstage, at signings, walking down the street, waiting for an airplane...

It was DuranCon 98, the first such convention I had ever attended. And as Durannies are wont to do, everyone is welcomed immediately with open arms and "So, who's your favorite?" I can hardly wait for the next one...

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Dana!!!What are you doing???

Dana and Sarah of BADD let me join them for a couple drinks at the bar around the corner.

This is Or from Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv. And he came all the way to Venice Beach for KARAOKE?

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