More Interesting Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

Early Saturday morning there was a lot of activity in and around Sponto's. John Taylor had agreed to go through the boxes he had stored away and pullout a few of the outfits he had worn throughout his career with Duran Duran...and the infamous Neurotic Outsiders wear, too. Unfortunately, his trademark fedora was nowhere to be found, but fans didn't seem to mind all that much.

Here are a few of the photos taken from that day.

I loved this outfit when I first saw it on MTV in "Save A Prayer". My eyes nearly popped out of my skull when I saw it against the wall in Sponto's that day.

As a matter of fact, I loved it so much, I clothed a character in one of my short stories in it.

This outfit is from the 1993 video for "Come Undone". I couldn't believe how delicate the ruffles seemed, almost as though if one of us was to touch them too roughly they would crumble into dust.

I can't even imagine how many people lifted the skirt...

This is from John's Neurotic Outsiders days. So, DID he wear anything under the kilts? :::I laugh my Dirty Old Lady cackle now:::

Oh, come on. Anyone who knows me knows for a fact that I HAD to touch these...these...oh, my heavens.

Yessss..."The Wild Boys".

By the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Duran Duran for the "A" I made in Modern Dance my Junior Year. For first semester finals, I danced to "Do They Know It's Christmas" (Yes, 1985!), and second semester finals I danced to "The Wild Boys". I guess it was good inspiration, huh?


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