A Visitor To The Con

Wes Wehmiller wanders through Sponto's getting a good look at some of the clothes that helped make music (and fashion) history.

(That's his girlfriend and Spy Matthews bandmate, Marcia Neumeier, behind him. Sorry, kids---he's taken.)

Inside Sponto's on Sunday afternoon.

John Taylor and Wes had already been introduced not too long before this photo was taken. Here, Wes is going back into the backroom to have a more uninterrupted conversation with JT.

After JT's sidewalk performance on Sunday afternoon, DDYB staffer John watches detachedly as Wes goes to pose for yet another photo.

Tracey took this photo of me with Wes. Thank you, Tracey!

{I have to add this...The newest addition to the Duran Duran lineup is hiding one hell of a body underneath those clothes! And, no---I HAVEN'T seen it, so no rumormongering.}

Link...The Encino Man

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