Sunday Street Concert

And here we have The Line That Formed For No Good Reason...

Jo (Ngwalme) and Catherine (Art Slave) just happened to be standing at the door of Sponto's, and the next thing they knew, they glanced around and saw everyone standing behind them. Dana and I came traipsing up from our walk down the beach, and shouted, "Hey! What's the line for???" No one knew...

Thank you, Jo (Ngwalme) Gerrard, for this photo:

And here is the highlight of my weekend...filming John and Gerry Laffy with John's camera. (I want that camera, John!)

It was so unreal to me. This was the first time I'd ever seen John perform, and here I am so close I could reach out and touch the man. At times, I'd be so wrapped up in making sure the image was lined up decently that I'd forget where I was and who I was filming. Then, I'd look up... and there was this man, the subject of more than a few pin-ups on my walls and in my locker during high school, sitting right next to me. Talk about a reality check!

I've been asked many times how I wound up with this *privelege*. Umm, all I can say is that I simply asked.

Sometimes, having no shame is a GOOD thing.

Feeding Time!

After a hard day of cheering (and a long day of just waiting around...) food is a definite necessity.

Going around the table: That's me, Tarah Neubacher, Adrienne Mette, Angela McCall, Dana Neubacher, and Or Curt.

As you can see, I had no way of taking photos of John and Gerry during the performance. As soon as I find some online, I'll either link up with them, or snag one or two (or more!) from their owner...with permission, of course!...and place them on these pages.

*Thank You For Your Support*

Mr. Ed LinkaRooney

Winding Down...: