After dinner, we went up to someone's room at the Cadillac Hotel across the street. (Sorry, can't remember whose room it was.) Michelle pulled out a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka in honor of Our Patron Saint, Nick Rhodes. Duran Duran was played at such loud decibles that we woke this really cute guy one floor beneath us...and all the way to the other side of the hotel!...and he had to come ask us to turn it down. We laughed and complied. He wanted to know if we were having a bachelorette party, and we all shouted in unison: "No, it was DuranCon!"

He just shook his head and smiled.

Dana Neubacher and Michelle Perrozi hamming it up at the window.

Michelle is seen proudly holding up the postcard she received from Nick Rhodes. He loves the work she and Joy Soriano have done on the St. Nick 'Zine. (Wish I could remember the exact was great!)

What with all the music, did anyone actually expect us to NOT dance? I climbed onto the bed to get this shot.

Yes, the Stoopid 80s Dance! I think we were either dancing to "Rio" or "The Reflex" here.

C'mon...I HAD to get this one!


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