The Photography Of Joodi K.

Joodi K. has been kind enough to send me some of her photos to use on my website. Now, for you dimwits out there who are thinking: "Well, I'll just *borrow* this pic...oh, and *that* one right there..." DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! These photos are Joodi's property, and she reserves the rights on all of them. And we will personally send certain ex-wives of the band to haunt you so your life becomes a living nightmare if you dare pilfer these images.

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Vampire Johnny...just look at that intense stare this man has. Joodi and Patty can tell you I about freaked when this photo was laid before me the first time.

A beautiful shot of John looking out the window of his old apartment. Wonder what caught his attention so thoroughly?

John portrayed in a beautifully candid way in black and white...

"Oh, the things you'll see!"

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