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Back To The Future...Back To The 1980s

It was the best time to be a teenager. Well, most of us who were teens at the time will tell you that. From the birth of M-tv (which is NOTHING now like it used to be, more's the pity!) to increasingly more sophisticated video games, to the amazing (sometimes amazing only for the bad taste) fashions we was Our Decade.

Now I turn on my car radio and can listen to "Flashback 80s" nights and drive-homes, and "Totally 80s" weekends. I can walk down the mall or flip through a magazine and see just bits of the outfits we used to sport. It's not hard to realize that the 80s are making a resurgence soon.

So slip on those Wayfarers, pop some Duran Duran in your CD player, spritz on some Benetton, and kiss that old pin-up of Adam Ant that's still hanging on the back of your closet door. Goodbye, Seventies, we're joining The Breakfast Club and finding our Opportunities......I'm going to Hollywood The Second Time as the real New Wave Syd.