Coyote Shivers: The epitome of rock and roll sensuality
Andy Prieboy: From Wall of Voodoo to "White Trash Wins Lotto", Andy Prieboy is one musician worthy of the title of composer.
Rosemary's Billygoat: Addictive performance art disguised as four guys in a band
Ernie Halter: So you wanna be a rock star?
Three Alarm Fire: Spilling their guts and pouring out their souls

Everyone tells you who's hot. Everyone seems to follow the big-name, big-money stars out there. But what about those who are coming up into their own as we speak? Or those who have fallen by the wayside?

Well, here you go. This site is for those wonderfully talented individuals who don't receive nearly as much recognition as they deserve. Mind you, this is only the beginning. If you know of anyone you would like to see on this site, please e-mail me, and I'll do my best to feature them as well.

Tina the Troubled Teen

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