This is not the best scan in the world, but my head is still reeling from the show a few hours ago!

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In the SmartCard for my digital camera, I have seventy-two shots from last night's concert at Universal Amphitheatre. I think I love my digital. I think I love Fromex Photo Lab in Belmont Shores, who will download all these photos onto disc for only five As soon as I get my happy ass down there and pay the lady her money for this, I will be splashing these photos all over this website.

I almost didn't bother going to this show. I just wasn't into it all week long, plus I couldn't help but feel guilty that My Excellent Friend Evelyn was made to work and give up her ticket when she has never seen the band before. So...if any of you die-hards out there was lucky enough to sneak a *Video Recording Device* into a show, PLEASE contact me, okay?

According to Simon, the new album, still tentatively titled Pop Trash, should be in stores around Christmas. Well, it was supposed to be in stores now...but we ALL know about that ripple in the space/time continuum called Duran Standard Time. (And people tell ME I'm always late!)

Unfortunately, when you see the photos I have, you will also see Security Dood #262. SD #262 prevented me from taking many shots of Wes. I have a lot of shots of SD's head blocking Wes, though. And when one stands in front of Nick, one finds it impossible to get a clear shot of the drummer. (Yes, I like to try and include everyone, not just the famous people...) You Simon fans are going to :::THUD!!!::: when you see one of the shots I managed, and Nickolites are going to be delighted at how many times Our Patron Saint smiled last night. He seemed to have some running joke going with Wes.

When Duran Duran played Universal Amphitheatre in 1997 for the Medazzaland tour, the place was maybe at 60% capacity. Not this time, however. I'd say it was nearing the 90-95% capacity mark. I think this is a good sign, don't you?

Well,'s off to Fromex I go. Keep checking back for the photos...I should have them pretty soon.

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