Andy Prieboy

{{{It helps to have other's opinions and comments on an artist. More bits will be added as they are received.}}}

This, from Dorothy DeMartin, is what gave me the idea for the "Observations" page. She has been kind enough to give me permission to quote her. Thanks, Dorothy!

A classic rock station had a Beatles "A-Z" weekend recently.

Hadn't heard a lot of the lads' music in a while, so I spent the better part of the weekend listening to music I've heard most of my life - but I listened with different ears this time.

And, as I remembered how particular songs had made me feel as a teenager, I started thinking how Andy might have listened to the Beatles.

He was listening with songwriter's ears - and what ear candy there was.

What excitement a budding musician must have felt when listening to, say, "The White Album" for the first time. From the quirky "Rocky Raccoon" to the enigmatic "Revolution #9".

The freedom to experiment; not censor one's creative ideas because it might be too "weird".

Texture and layers to songs were something the Beatles brought to pop music (with more than a little help from George Martin).

All of us silly screaming girls could have cared less -but it seems as if Andy was learning every trick right along with them.