Welcome To The Official

Stu Silverstein Page!

Yes, fans, it's your home for All Stu, All The Time!

Come gaze at the man who gives true meaning to the phrase:

"The rhythm is the power..."

So, is your boss demanding the impossible out of you and you just want to be lazy like all the other people in your office? Simply log onto this site and goof off to your heart's content. Hubby covered in Funyuns and spilled Pepsi while hollering about some Nintendo conspiracy? Go on---retire to your home office and enter the musical world of Stu Silverstein. (His music sounds much better than the Madden 2000 soundtrack, after all...)


The full photo won't look right if I match sizes with the others, so I cropped it a few different ways. Your choice. And, by the way, it will appear on the site in better resolution. I'm having to scan in nasty 16-bit becasue my Twain drivers took a dive a few months ago. Now I have to take my happy ass up to the coffeehouse and scan anything I want at a decent resolution there. At least Freedom and Jewel make smashing triple mochas.

#1 - Close crop.

#2 - Medium crop. I like this one the best...the view fits in with the others on the page. Uniformity. (As I hum "Miss Gradenko".)

#3 - Long crop. I like the way this one looks, but I'd have to a) get Richie to stand still long enough, b) primp Barry, and c) hogtie Spencer so he can't disappear...all so I could get 3/4 body shots of all of them to match! And I still wouldn't be able to get the others properly done, since I don't use a studio. (And I'm NOT going to pay Joodi to do it at this point.)

Okay, Mr. Silverstein...I await your order.

BTW---you guys really are looking so much better onstage. It's becoming more of a show than just background music, which is what Howard had pretty much turned the group into. Hard to recover from that, but you guys are rocking some major government cheese now. just don't forget me when y'all wind up big and famous and going your seperate ways, okay? I'd have a horrible complex then...