Top 100 Albums

(Give Or Take A Few...)

Yeah, well...some of us made lists of the ten albums we thought were best. We also agreed they are subject to change at any given moment. Here's the list I compiled from this discussion, in no particular order.

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1) Def Leppard: Euphoria -- Plain and simple this album just reeks and rocks of classic Def Leppard, which I find a refreshing change (or refreshing blast from the past) from today's thrash/rap metal rock. Yasmin

2) Duran Duran: Liberty -- I love the house/r&b orientation of this album. Definitely experimental. Yasmin

3) Duran Duran: Big Thing -- Another one of their more experimental albums, I think, and methinks me likes experimentation. It also contains one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard from anyone: "Palomino," and one of the most kick-ass bass-oriented songs, "I Don't Want Your Love." Yasmin

I was either going to put Liberty or Big Thing on this list (no need to clutter it up with TWO Duran Duran CDs) but Big Thing won because it has "Palomino" on it. Balsy, sultry, full of fear, angst, lust and life. This has got to be one of Duran's best works. Xaxin

My fave Duran album. The songs just kick ass!! "Palimino", "Welcome to the Edge/Lake Shore Driving"...even if it is John's most elementary playing. BabyCham

Obligatory Duran reference now made... moving on. Beth Silver

As a Nick Rhodes fan, this one should be obvious! Gotta love all those keyboards on there! MsKitka

This album is very sexual to me. That be because of the things I have done while listening to it. BlueBaby

4) Warren Cucurullo: Thanks To Frank -- (and I know I'll likely get flamed for this) I absolutely adore this album (not WaCoo, only the album!). Warren is truly a guitar master in his own right. One minute he's playing hard, classic rock; next sweet, sensitive ballads. Yasmin

5) David Bowie: Greatest Hits: Volume One -- I just like more classic rock by David Bowie, and having all his classics (i.e. "Rebel Rebel," "Suffragette City" etc.) in one handy CD makes it great listening for Bowie fans. Yasmin

6) Color Me Badd: Awakening -- I've been fans of these guys since their Oklahoma City days. This album, their final one before breaking up last year, showcases a maturity and strength in writing and vocal performance absent on previous albums (as much as I love their first self-titled album). Yasmin

7) John Taylor: Feelings Are Good And Other Lies-- Pure raw, angry honest emotion at its best. That's all I have to say. Yasmin

This is self explanatory Rho

If for nothing else, "Look Homeward Angel" is one of the most perfect songs ever written. Syldath

I still don't like the ballads on this one, but love the dirty sound of the heavier stuff. And who couldn't identify with "Everyone Is Getting It But Me"? New Wave Syd

I didn't like this too much to start with.. I thought.. oh god.. what did you do John.. but now it just rips at my heart strings .. you know what I mean :) Debs

8) Simply Red: A New Flame -- This is a British soul band who isn't afraid to experiment. They have a little tropical flavor on "It's Only Love" and the title track is pure tango mixed with soul. Listening to this album was when I first learned the general direction I'd want my music to head should I ever seriuosly get into it: Duran Duran meets r&b/soul. Yasmin

9) Collective Soul: Disciplined Breakdown -- More of the plain, honest-to-goodness rock I've had a craving for lately. Great thing about these guys is they can rock hard as a man ready to get off one moment, and be as sweet and sensitive as a poet the next. Yasmin

10) David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise -- Again some of the r&b/soul/rock hybrid music I like. Definitely a new turn of events for the normally rocking Bowie. A lot more jazz-influenced. And I must say, Bowie plays a pretty mean sax. Yasmin

11) David Bowie - Scary Monsters: Wore this tape out twice; have yet to get another *sigh*. Xaxin

12) Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine: When away at college and having no music to turn to on the radio (that I actually could LISTEN to) my friend popped this tape in her car one day and saved my soul...thanks Trent. Xaxin

I have to agree with Xax on this one. Trent is the god to Tori's goddess. And while my fave NIN song is "Closer", PHM is his best CD... so far. Beth Silver

How could I possibly live with Blue and not have at least one NIN album grow on me? However, I must say that Broken is beginning to edge this one out. MsKitka

This album came out at a hard time in my life. I connected with the lyrics and loved the grinding assault the music had on the brain. BlueBaby

13) Cliffs of Dooneen - Undertow: Local Boston band (Now called Superfly) whose international semi-hits reached alternative and college radio stations all over rock on out. This is not a band you can put your finger on... Rock and roll? Yes. Boring? Never. Xaxin

14) Hair - The Soundtrack - Original Broadway Cast: Filled with memories of my childhood when my aunt had me singing all the words to "Sodomy" at age 7 or so, this classic revolt against society was about more than drugs. Free your soul and sing along!! "Sodomy...phallatio...cunnilingus...pederasty...father why do these words sound so nasty?" Xaxin

15) Gerry & Simon Laffy - Lying with Angels: Yeah, yeah, you all knew I was going to put at least ONE of his here. Actually this is a beautiful CD packed full of feeling and emotion. Done at "one of the best periods of (his) life" you can certainly feel it and hear it in the music. Xaxin

16) Three Alarm Fire - Sub Acid Sweet Songs: Melanie F. (lead singer) has got to have the most incredible female voice I have heard in a long time. The songs are poignant yet not difficult to understand the meaning hidden in the poetic words. This CD is not YET available (just wait a little longer) but a free song is available for download on I suggest you take the time to download it - it's well worth the wait. Xaxin

I love Three Alarm Fire.. especially "Go About Your Day".. You RAWK Melanie! :) Debs

17) The Toadies - Rubberneck: Rock and roll bay bee, rock and roll... "I burn...the breathe...I burn...the breathe...I burn..." Xaxin

18) Jude - No One is Really Beautiful: Simon and Garfunkel with a little bit of rock and roll thrown in. Whimsical lyrics are simple, everyday you and me experience... "Don't be fooled don't be flattered/It's not like you ever mattered. Not to me...Aw, Rick James was the original Super Freak!" Xaxin

19) Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf--An album collection simply is NOT complete without this one. And I've helped complete quite a few collections, considering I'm on my eighth copy of this. (It keeps getting stolen!) Saw Meatloaf in Sag Harbour, NY, in 1988, and was lucky enough to be smooshed against the stage so I could see everything. If you ever have the chance, I suggest you see this man live. He is a trip! New Wave Syd

20) Cheeses Of Nazareth by Rosemary's Billygoat--Even though I don't have this album yet, I've heard all the songs live. This is another group I found originally at The Anti-Club. It's like Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson meet Eddie Murphy. Absolutely nothing is sacred, except free speech. Again, they play the Los Angeles area, and if you happen across a club whose marquee has this name on it, go see them. (Take Luci with you just for shits and giggles.) New Wave Syd

21) Ghost In The Machine by The Police--Please. I like this one even better than Synchronicity. And it's Sting, after all. (Yes, I worship the man.) New Wave Syd

22) Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde--Normally, I can't stand female vocalists. BUT this album is great. Nice, dark, depressing. New Wave Syd

Gotta agree with New Wave Syd on Bloodletting and Still in Hollywood has some of the best live tracks I've ever heard on an album. Lisa

23) Fashion Nugget by Cake--I like Cake. I loved these songs. This album has a happy-go-lucky feel to it for me, and sometimes this is just what I need. New Wave Syd

24) Greatest Hits by The Monkees--No, seriously...have you guys really LISTENED to this group since you were ten? Ignore the 60s pop ditties Davy "Where the fuck's the fuckin' loo?" Jones sings, and concentrate on the more hardcore stuff from Mickey Dolenz. "Goin' Down" could very easily be covered by a group these days, and do quite well. Talk about some funk, rage, and soul... New Wave Syd

OH MY GOD !! Im not the only one????!!! Ok, should I even ask....umm, what is the fav Monkee song? LOL FrogSickle

"Valerie", definitely! AJ

"I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog" or "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)" Xaxin

"Pleasant Valley Sunday", "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone", and "Goin' Down"...all take top honors with me. New Wave Syd

25) B-Side Babies by Adam Ant--This is a collection of odd B-sides from Adam's career. Want some great punk Ant-style? You need to get this album. From "Beat My Guest" and "Physical", to "Greta X" and "Why Do Girls Love Horses?" I can Ant-out all damn day long. (This album is also useful for pissing people off when played at a topless bar in Da 'Hood.) New Wave Syd

26) Rio and Seven And The Ragged Tiger by Duran Duran--For me, these albums go hand-in-hand. Ignore the hits that were generated off them; we've heard them enough. Listen instead to the rest of the songs. "New Religion" and "I Take The Dice" are my favorites. "Hold tight/onto Daddy's bracelets"... New Wave Syd

Seven and the Ragged Tiger -- My absolute favorite from them. Something about the sounds they used on the album. Which reminds me, I have to buy yet another one. Finally broke another tape... Myrrhine

27) Cabaret Original Motion Picture Cast Album--Liza Minelli and Joel Gray. Oh, yes. I love popping this one in on long drives and belting the words key, of course. New Wave Syd

28) 5.30.98 by John Taylor--I love the funky versions of the songs we know so well. I'm handing a copy over to some band called Van Gogh's Ear (shameless plug inserted here) so they can work up "Rio/Some Like It Hot". Great dance tunes on this one. New Wave Syd

Okay, how can I not love this? It's just fun! And brings back great memories of the shows! MsKitka

29) Paul Simon - Graceland This album is my #1 fave album of all time. The lyrics are great, the music is great. It just makes me feel happy. BabyCham

30) Depeche Mode - Music For the Masses How do I explain WHY I like this so much to someone who would ask? It is kind of like this Revolution. If you don't get never will. BabyCham

31) Robbie Robertson - Red Road Ensemble Native and proud of it. This album is amazing. I can't exlain this one either. It just really touches me. BabyCham

32) John Denver - Spirit This one reminds me of growing up. My Dad is a HUGE John Denver fan and it rubbed off on me. BabyCham

Okay...Kitty has to respond to all the John Denver stuff!...I Want to Live is a fabulous album...and "Dearest Esmerelda" and "Wild Montana Skies" are two absolutely incredible songs! (yes, Kitty is a closet John Denver fan...even owns an album or two) MsKitka

I KNEW I couldn't be the only one. My favourite songs are "Pegasus" and his version of "Elenor Rigby" gives me goose bumps. JD was my first concert, I just wish I'd gotten to see him when I was old enough to appreciate him. BabyCham

WOOO HOOO! Coming out of the woodwork now aren't they! Add to my fav's-my alltime fav is "Aspenglow", followed by, in no particular order: "Starwood in Aspen", "Farewell Andromeda", "The Eagle and The Hawk", "Sweet Surrender" and "Rocky Mountain High"...just to name a few. Bernadette

33) Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste or Psalm 69 Great to relieve tension. Just put either of these two on and thrash around your room. You will not be angry anymore. BabyCham

34) The John Taylor tape I has all my fave John songs on it..'coz I can't pick just one album/EP. BabyCham

35) Cocteau Twins - Pink Opaque Takes you to another world. Very relaxing and ethereal. BabyCham

36) The Beatles - The White Album Their drug enduced best. I love "Blackbird", "Julia" and "While my Guitar Gently Weeps". BabyCham

37) Metallica - Load I don't know why I like it so much. It has so much feeling in it.

38) Duran Duran Rio or Duran Duran This is self explanatory Rho

Duran Duran -- The original on vinyl. AJ

39) Generation X. Just love this makes me happy. Rho

40) Pixies Doolittle. Every song rocks. Rho

41) Ned's Atomic Dustbin Bite. Just the idea of 2 bass players is cool. Rho

42) Wonderstuff Hup. There is just so much going on in the music. Rho

43) Police Greatest Hits. I feel Police are one of the greatest bands ever. Plus Sting was sexy when he was younger Rho

44) The Clash. Can't really pick one album so again I go with Greatest Hits. Rho

45) If I were a Carpenter ???????????????? Rho

46) Beatles, because they should always be on the top 10 list.. Rho

47) Look At Me - Geri Halliwell - Just fun and frothy, very danceable Syldath

48) Strange Behaviour - Duran Duran - The remixes are just so much damn fun! I listened to "None Of The Above" like 5 times in a row. Syldath

49) Video EP - Coyote Shivers - Yah, I know it's not a CD, so DEAL! It's got my 3 fave songs by that hot and luscious piece of man-meat...Syldath

His voice, his guitar playing...WOW!...just makes for a fabulous combination! Not to mention, it's fun! MsKitka

50) Erotica - Madonna - Just a totally lush album all around. Syldath

51) Faith - George Michael - a classic. Syldath

52) Empire Records - soundtrack - It's just fun all the way around. Syldath

53) Monty Python Sings - Monty Python cast - The most hysterical CD in the world, with "The Drunken Philosopher's Song" topping that list. Syldath

54) Ramones Mania - The Ramones - anyone ever hear of a little song called "I Wanna Be Sedated"? Syldath

55) Free - The Party - another frothy, poppy, all around fun thing to listen and dance to...Syldath

56) Sheryl Crow The Globe Sessions, one word: Home. AJ

57) Peter Gabriel Us, Has gotten me throught the toughest breakups. AJ

58) Sarah McLachlan Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, A truly perfect album. AJ

59) The Police Ghost in the Machine AJ

60) Roxy Music Avalon AJ

61) U2 The Unforgettable Fire AJ

62) Brian Setzer Orchestra The Dirty Boogie AJ

63) The Beatles Rubber Soul AJ

64) David Bowie Aladdin Sane AJ

65) Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes: This woman is still a goddess in my eyes and always will be. Her first CD is her best, although From The Choirgirl Hotel comes incredibly close. Beth Silver

"Me and a Gun." Damn brave woman. Need I say more? Myrrhine

66) Aqua - Aquarium: Happy, fun music for the 90s. What a concept. Beth Silver

67) Madonna - Ray of Light: Herself at her best. Mature, thoughtful and still thoroughly danceable. Beth Silver

68) Depeche Mode - Black Celebration: My personal fave. Beth Silver

69) Garth Brooks - Ropin' The Wind: It was hard to pick which CD if his is best, but this one brought the song "The River" which is just an amazing song.... Beth Silver

70) Cure - Wish: Even though I can't listen to it, it's a beautiful, emotional selection. Beth Silver

71) Erasure - Pop: Quintessential. Beth Silver

72) Prince - Greatest Hits/B-Sides: Discard much of his crap, keep the good stuff. Works for me. Beth Silver

73) Medazzaland by Duran Duran - What can I say?...I'm just a sucker for Nick's voice! Actually, I just love the whole album. MsKitka

I'm with Kitka on the Nick's voice thing, and I just recently noticed what a pretty song "Midnight Sun" really is. Lisa

"This life is stranger than fiction/Surreal addiction..." Medazzaland is like the musical acid trip of the late 90s. And if you listen to everything in its order, it sounds almost like a story being told---or is that just my overactive imagination??? New Wave Syd

74) Recollection by Concrete Blonde - Although it doesn't have my fave Concrete Blonde song, I still think this is a fabulous album! MsKitka

75) Hormonally Yours by Shakespeare's Sister- If for no other reason than "Catwoman", this is a must have album! MsKitka

76) Roll the Bones by Rush - GEDDY LEE IS A GOD! Lyrically, this is probably one of the best albums I've ever heard. Not to mention his unique voice and his bass playing. MsKitka

77) Bauhaus - Okay, I know...this is a group...not an album...but I love them all! MsKitka

78) Heaven Up Here by Echo and the Bunnymen - Happy morbidity? Yep, it is possible! MsKitka

79) Naked Baby Pictures by Ben Folds Five -- Lots of lovely best of mixes. Exx

80) Wedding Album by Duran Duran -- One of the best they ever did. Exx

I remember hearing "Ordinary World" for the very first time on the radio. My boyfriend at the time was taking me to work, and we had the station tuned to KROQ. This song came on, and I commented that it sounded just like Duran. (Erm, I had the misguided notion they had split up.) I told Gary: "I gotta find out who this is! I love this song!" At the end, a recording of John, Simon, and Nick was played...Shit!!! I was bouncing so hard that Gary had to tell me to quit before I broke the shocks... New Wave Syd

Didn't buy it until I saw them in concert for the first time.. in '94 .. brings back a lot of good memories.. of John in a kilt ! Debs

81) Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette -- For my angst moments. Exx

Love this album.. never tire of it.. I must go and get the new one.. (newish!) Debs

82) Symphony No. 5 by Shostakovich -- Dare you not to cry during the largo. Exx

83) Jonathon Livingstone Seagull by Neil Diamond -- Just for inspiration. Exx

84) Street Life by Roxy Music -- Of course. Exx

85) L.A. Woman by The Doors -- Lost my virginity to this album. Exx

86) So by Peter Gabriel Exx

87) Version 2 by Garbage -- 'Cause I love the pop shit. Exx

88) Pure Cult by The Cult -- 'Cause there are toooooo many great Cult albums, so best go with the best of... Exx

89) Peter Murphy/Cascade - I just adore this man. He's almost David Bowie to me. Love "Gliding Like a Whale", but the whole album is just beautiful. Lisa

90) Cowboy Junkies/Studio - Real mellow. Margo Timmons has the clearest, sweetest voice ever. Love their version of "Sweet Jane". The line: "heavenly white roses seem to whisper to me when you smile" just makes me melt. Lisa

91) The Heads/No Talking Just Head - So many of my favorite singers here: Debbie Harry, Michael Hutchence, Johnette Napolitano, etc. And you gotta love the title. Lisa

92) Mazzy Star/So Tonight That I Might See - More moody mellow stuff. Lisa

93) Anything by Sarah McLachlan

94) Annie Lennox/Medusa - Always loved "Whiter Shade of Pale", but she makes a totally new thing of it. Lisa

95) Yaz/Upstairs at Eric's - This one is indestructible. The tape has had beer spilled on it, been run over by a car, has been through dozens of hands and it still sounds just as good as it did when I bought it in 1984. Lisa

96) Abba/Gold - Sentimental reasons. Takes me back to the old days in the French Quarter bars with all my fab gay boys. A lot of fun was had to this one, especially "Dancing Queen." Lisa

I can't believe I know all of these.. I love them. Debs

97) Beatles-Abbey Road. My mother must have played this album until tapes came out. Then she listened to that until CDs. I guess it rubbed off. I love all their CDs, but the song "Something" has to be the best love song to me. Myrrhine

98) Original Cast Recording of Jesus Christ Superstar. Another I grew up listening to. Saw it for the 25th anniversary and loved it even more. If I could sing, this would be the musical for me. Myrrhine

99) Marc Anthony-Todo a su Tiempo. A wonderful Spanish CD. Very hard to find some with many dance-able songs. He is the best. Myrrhine

100) Gloria Estefan-Mi Tierra. She went back to her roots and I applaud her for it. The best CD she has ever done. Myrrhine

101) Sawyer Brown-The Dirt Road. My favorite country group. So much fun. Myrrhine

102) Moody Blues-Greatest Hits. A great compilation of their songs. Myrrhine

103) Dazed and Confused/Soundtracks 1&2. Amusing little film with classic songs. Myrrhine

104) Mozart's Requiem and Clarinet Concerto. Played them both in orchestra (clarinet) way back when, and they still bring tears to my eyes. Myrrhine

105) David Bowie-Outside: The man is brilliant. BlueBaby

106) Depeche Mode-101: This live album is incredible and is from the same tour on which I saw them. BlueBaby

107) Placebo-Placebo: The music is a drink of Brit pop music and soul dripping lyrics. BlueBaby

108) Velvet Goldmine-Soundtrack: (if you haven't seen this movie yet GO SEE IT!) The music is a flash to the glam rock of the 70's. BlueBaby

109) Pop Will Eat Itself-Dos Dedos Me Amigos: This is a trip. Be dragged behind a car while hanging onto the bumper. When you are done, you rub the pain of your scraped knees and smile from the adrenalin. BlueBaby

110) AMP-Soundtrack: This album gives me my club music fix. I am stranded in a small city (for one more month) and don't get to go clubbing unless I trek the two hours to Chicago. BlueBaby

111) They Might Be Giants-Flood: It is a reminder that you shouldn't take life to seriously. I sometimes need this little reminder. It is just fun and always gives me a smile to wear. BlueBaby

112) Sisters Of Mercy-Floodlands: This is a tunnel dug into emotion and whimsy. It has the tendency to spit me out at a thought twisting state of mind. BlueBaby

113) The Corrs - Talking on Corners.. Just about the best album in the world..Debs

114) Oh What a Night - 70's various.. Just saw the Show.. absolutely brilliant.. great music :) Debs

115) The Atonement - Precious and Drowning.. Thanx to Ant for sending me this.. I play it tons.. again.. a lovely ballady cd.. one to spend the night in the bath tub surrounded by candles.. drinking LARGE Baileys on ice :) Debs

116) James - The Best Of.. I just love "How was it for you" I saw them in concert and bought a packet of condoms with this slogan on.. The first time I slept with Simon (Ed. Note - NOT to be confused with that LeBon guy!).. I left this lying around for him.. hehehe.. just thought I'd share this useless bit of info ! Debs

117) EP (not CD) Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much.. (with "You're Still The One") and a melody of her other songs.. what a great voice she has.. love it, love it, love it :) Debs

I couldn't resist...This is Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd way back in 1984. Yes, I went to high school with him, and this is how I wound up with this lovely photo from the Northwest Classen High School yearbook, in Oklahoma City.