The Beauty

of a


celebrating the shapely, womanly form throughout the ages

Slim-Fast. Dr. Atkin's Diet. The Grapefruit Diet. Liquid fasting. Metabolife. Fat Grabber. Sweet Success. Weight Watchers. Deal-A-Meal.


All these diets, geared to make a woman rid herself of "unwanted fat" so she, too, can look like the latest fashion model strutting down the runway. She, too, can fit into the tiny, tubular fashions in the hip stores right now, and wear all the revealing clothing she wants and not worry that she will be viewed as revolting because she happens to wear a size ten instead of a size two.

What happened here? Before Twiggy appeared on the scene in the mid-Sixties, women like Marilyn Monroe were considered the ideal. we certainly can't blame all of this on Twiggy. There has always been pressure on those in the limelight to look a certain way, and pressure for the rest of us to mimick what we see. But the Twiggy era was the beginning of a radical new look for women from all walks of life.

This site is a reminder that there have been hundreds more years of men basking in the allure of women of shape than there have been years of men rejecting them because of their size...