Just picked up the newest Duran Duran offering today...Pop Trash.

I've rated the songs in the most practical way I could...their danceability in a topless bar. First song means I like it, but probably don't want to dance to the whole damn thing. Second song means it's better, but not sexy (or sensual enough) for the third song. Third song is the topless one, and traditionally the real show...no pun intended.

Track One:
"Someone Else Not Me"

Okay...Begins like some of the songs off The Wedding Album. (Sorry---have to refer to it as such.)

Danceable for a third song. But the lyrics are melancholy. If I want to dance to a melancholy third song, I would much prefer "Something I Can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails.

Track Two:
"Lava Lamp"

Hey...Warren? Is that you? Sounds like the beginning of "Hold Back The Rain". NOW we're getting somewhere.

First song, definitely. I like it, but I doubt I would really want to dance to the whole thing.

Track Three:
"Playing With Uranium"

I can already hear the "Playing With Your Anus" jokes now...

Puts me to mind of an odd mix of Adam Ant and The Beatles, circa The White Album. Second or third song. I can definitely dance to this one. Probably third song...beckoning some drunken guy who keeps staring to come up to the stage and tip me...

Track Four:
"Hallucinating Elvis"

Okay, I loved this one the first time I heard it in concert.

Second song, so I can actually don a specialized costume...big rhinestone glasses and funky jacket with my Patented Ho Skirt. Oh, yeah...

Track Five:
"Starting To Remember"

I would rather forget this wanna-be bad-psychedelic-trip song. Yuck.

Track Six:
"Pop Trash Movie"

Yes, this one I loved the first time I heard it in concert, too.

Again, a third song. Funky starlet clothing...Well, I can do this for a second song, actually, because it won't give me that "Trent Reznor" feeling I like for my third song. You know, where you can get totally lost in the music.

Track Seven:
"Mars Meets Venus"

At first I was thinking: "Shit...the boys were listening to WAY too much Sixties trip music while writing this!" But then the song actually kicked in...

Still sounds a bit like The Monkees, or maybe Jellyfish. I can handle it, though. First song.

Track Eight:
"Lady Xanax"

Where are Christian Bale, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, and Ewan McGregor???

Okay, I could do this for a third song. It's singular saving grace are the lyrics, which for some reason I like.

Track Nine:
"The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever"

I saw this title, and thought of "It Can't Rain All The Time" from The Crow soundtrack.

Too damn bad it's not near the Jane Siberry song. No way could I dance to this.

Track Ten:
"Kiss Goodbye"


Break song!

Track Eleven:
"Last Day On Earth"

Yes. Now HERE'S a song!

First or second song, depending on my mood. I loved this one.

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