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New Wave Syd's 1980's Time Machine
Welcome to my Time Machine. Please bear with me, though, as I'm just beginning on this little adventure! Anyone have any helpful hints? PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!! heeheehee Well, let's get this thing going...


What I'm trying to do here... remember the good (and not-so-good) times in high school. Maybe even relate what is happening right now in my life to those times as well. Okay, okay---so it's a bit confusing! :) That's how my mind works, and believe it or not, it makes sense in my jumbled brain! So we're looking at stories, photos, and updates of all sorts of things in my strange little universe. Like I said, have patience with me! *8>)

Now, I promise you that I will have Prom Night Photos as soon as I figure out how to scan these silly things...But while you're waiting, go check out Trust The Process! (Shameless plug there, I know! :) )

 Assorted Links I like:


Ngwalme's House (Great photos of John Taylor, plus lots of interesting other things...)

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