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Julian's Drawing Room: Original stories, poems, and essays. Not for the easily-offended.

I gotta show off this second photo: GO LOOK! Okay, it's an old one, I know...

And, New Wave Syd must heartily welcome back BADD!!!!! *speeds away on her Vespa in search of unsuspecting 80s musicians while the James Bond theme plays in the background*

Whoops! Nearly forgot! THIS mug shot of the illustrious New Wave Syd is (c) Sarah and Dana of BADD fame. Used with kind permission after kissing a lot of ass.

Life Imitating Art

Please join us in a show of support for Robert Downey, Jr. As you probably know, Robert was sentenced to a prison term at Corcoran for repeated parole violations. If he were just a screw-up, this would be one thing. But he is plagued by a disease known as addiction. Tossing the man in with thugs is not going to help him overcome his drug abuse. Admitting him to a treatment center will.

Become a member of The Last Party mailing list. Make a difference. Look for the list at onelist.com.

Photo of me at work courtesy my excellent friend, Evelyn!

And thanks to Syldath Angelfire, MsKitka, and BlueBaby, I have discovered Coyote Shivers. Those of you in the New York City and Los Angeles areas NEED to keep an eye out for this fabulous man. Go check out his site, order his music...oh, my.....

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