More funky photos for your viewing pleasure:

Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes at The Wherehouse signing, 1995.

John Taylor in Power Station. From "Star Hits", November, 1985.

Nick Rhodes makes me

Hey, I couldn't resist! This is from the November, 1985 issue of "Star Hits", during Arcadia.

Warren At Chicago's House Of Blues

August, 1999


If I show up at the Los Angeles show in one of my costumes from work, think he'd go home with me? Does this mean Warren is the Official Duran Hootchie-Daddy? And could those be Frederick's Push-Up...erm...Briefs?

I don't care...I'll slap a wig on the man. I am still in the Warren Is Sexy Camp. I just can't believe Nick let him out in pubic---I mean public---with such an obvious sartorial faux-pas.