Andy Prieboy
The Man, The Musician, The Anachronism

{{{DISCLAIMER: No, I don't know either Andy or Rita personally...and I cannot contact them for myself, much less for anyone else. Of course, heavy bribes might encourage me to seek them out...}}}

Click here to watch the video for "Tomorrow, Wendy" with Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde).

At a loss for a refreshing angle on your history term paper dealing with the Napoleonic Wars, General George Custer, or World War I? Would you like to discuss Los Angeles architecture? Perhaps find all the little-known places still in existance from Old Hollywood, such as the exact location of the Mack Sennett Studios? Andy Prieboy would be your man.

I'm afraid I don't recall from where I ripped these photos. If you recognize them, please let me know, and I shall subsequently ask permission and give credit where credit's due. Thank you.

His living room is painted bordello red. His kitchen is a shrine to Napoleon. His bedroom is a library of carefully hoarded books on General George Custer, World War I, and --of course-- Napoleon. And his bathroom houses his gold records.

He chain smokes his cigarettes, out-doing even yours truly in the butt collection department. Even though he loves to people-watch, he stringintly avoids one of the best places to do so: you will probably never find him in a bar sipping a martini. I am told he would go nuts over the ambiance in my place of employment, though...

Anyone familiar with his music must agree when I say he is an amazing composer. I've had the CD of Sins Of My Fathers in my car's CD player for months now...never tiring of it. Influenced by such things as old dance hall music, Gilbert and Sullivan, and military marches (preferrably from the 1800s), he weaves an intricate sound that captivates the listener's imagination. The songs never seem to grow old simply because your mind always finds something new and interesting to focus on.

Andy Prieboy is quite the gentleman when you meet him...solicitous and charming...and Rita is always ready with a fresh pot of coffee for their visitors. Beneath this gracious exterior is a man driven by his convictions to never sell out, never compromise his artistry. Even if it means taking on odd jobs such as wandering the streets of Los Angeles as "Mr. Death", or composing soundtracks for porn films.

He's stuck to his guns like a zouave on the battlefield, and it seems as though he's about to be rewarded for his latest endeavour: White Trash Wins Lotto. For a few years, this odd combination of musical and rock concert has played in the Los Angeles area sporadically, most recently at The Roxy on Sunset. (Unfortunately, it was a choice of making my rent on time or going to see the show, and I had to go with the more responsible of the two.) Now it seems as though he has been awarded a recording contract for the soundtrack, as well as interest from some Important People on The Great White Way.

Yes, meaning Broadway in New York City. I just hope I can catch the show at least once before they move across the country.

Observations About Andy And His Music

Neither Andy nor Rita know of this page. If any of the above offends either of them, I would like to know, please.