Who lives in Danville? Danville, CA? or is there more than one Danville? Is there more than one CA? Is there more than one Danville, CA? Who is Danville named after? And how come I never knew you were all into carpet munching(well, except Zoid)?

What else don't I know?

---a very confused D.

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Our Sick Imaginations Run Wild

In a fit of boredom while Trust The Process is being repaired, *some* of us used our creative writing skills to let everyone know exactly what we had done for, with, and to various Duran Duran band members.

If you take offense at sexual innuendos, GO BACK NOW!!!

And, might I add, for you thick-headed, numb-brained people who might actually think any of this ever happened to any of the authors---THESE ARE ALL WORKS OF FICTION!!! (Fiction meaning it ain't real, none of it. So don't get your panties in such a bunch!)

John Taylor and V.

Well, since the truth is coming out, I guess I have to confess.....I really knew John "intimately" ages ago. We had a hot and salty affair. He was 28 and I was 18.He'd bonk me nonstop, doggie style, upside down and sideways. He poured champagne on my body and lapped it up and then would bonk me some more. I'd go to concerts and he'd be so enraptured by my beauty (*snicker...sorry couldn't help myself) that he'd flub his bass lines. And then we'd go backstage and bonk some more. He just couldn't get enough of me because I am just that hot baybee!! I look like Cindy Crawford you know. He even came to see me (and bonk me) on his honeymoon..he snuck out the bathroom window at 4 am because he wanted me.....they all wanted me.... (oops, sorry stole Xax's line).

Now you can all know the real truth. I'm so glad I can share with you all!

B's Reply, Being As How She Is Bonking John, Too

OH SO NOW THE TRUTH COMES OUT!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!! I knew he had been with another woman that night, I just knew it!!!!

...And Little Miss S. Reveals The Secret Of Her Mini Dress

Okay, okay. Time to 'fess up.

Right after that photo on the now-defunct Faces Page was taken, Wes and I scurried off to the back room of Sponto's to have a quick hoo-hah. (Dear Joodi and Tracey kept his girlfriend occupied. I really owe them.) And if you catch that glimpse of me in "VH-1's Behind The Music", where it looks as though I have my camera aimed at John's crotch? Well, I really did. I have to admit it, now that there is photographic evidence against me. He had whipped it out for a moment, teasing me with Things To Come. As for getting backstage at the last DD concert...YES! I gave the security dood a blow job so I could get back there. And was it worth it! Warren kept passing by, smiling and saying hello. After the fourth or fifth round, Wes pulled him to the side and informed him what a great lay I am. Well, Warren's not the type to keep things to himself, so he blabbed it all to Nick. Mr. Rhodes spoke with me for awhile, then kindly asked Maddie to get him another glass of wine. As soon as she was lost in the throng of Gucci-clad party-goers, he grabbed me by the hand, and escorted me back to the back room, where Warren was waiting. Let me tell you, two guys may be wonderful, but two rock stars are beyond description!

I have one small problem, though. Her name is Caitlynne, and I'm not quite sure which of these men is her father. I suppose I'll find out when she's old enough to join the school band...piano or guitar? Hmmm...