What    I    Did    On    My    Summer    Vacation

Johanna Andrews
5th Grade Language Arts

I went to Las Vegas for my summer vacation. It is a city in the state of Nevada. I went there on August 12 and came back on August 14. It is hot there, but Debs did not care. We walked out of the MGM Grand one day and Blakey and I said, "Boy, it's hot!" Debs said, "This is great. I want to live in America."

We stayed on the 27th floor of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. It is between the Luxor and New York New York. The Luxor is nice, but I was waiting for Frank Langella to show up with Lesley Ann Warren. I ordered a coffee in the casino, and the waitress thought I was too young to be playing the slot machines. I wanted to keep her.

The Excalibur looks like Walt Disney had a bad acid trip and went to Las Vegas. The slots are pretty loose there, and we had a lot of fun. Debs even played Keno, after Blakey told her the rules.

We watched the movie-clip movie at the MGM Grand Casino. We cheered James Bond, and Blakey smiled at Judy Garland. The waitress said they couldn't make iced coffee because they only had hot coffee. Blakey thought this was funny.

New York New York made me feel kind of homesick. That was funny since I grew up in Oklahoma. We looked down over the casino, and it looked like a smooshed-up Central Park. I had an egg cream, but I think the Stage Deli makes them better. When I walked around, I could almost smell Manhattan. I want to go back to New York New York. Both of them. But this time Blakey and Debs have to buy the Statue of Liberty sunglasses they tried on.

We went to Club Ra in Luxor to see John Taylor. Debs and I danced, and Patty asked me if I was going to enter the cage dancing contest. I said no. The DJ finally got a clue and played 80s music and the "Girls On Film" video. People got up and danced then.

John was very good---as usual. But we wondered about the orange and pink argyle socks he wore. And Gerry had gone shopping at New York New York. That's what we thought. Hein Hoven was filming this show. I wonder if we will get to see it, too. John Amato was very nice and shared his water bottle.

Debs and Blakey left soon after the show to go back to California. I had a flight the next afternoon. After Debs and Blakey left, a masher followed me around the casino. He wanted to know if I was ready to go up to my room yet. I was not going to get in an elevator with him. Yucch.

John could not find any decent coffee in the Las Vegas airport. I could not, either, or I would have bought him a cup. I want to know how they fit their instruments into the overhead compartments on a crowded flight. There must be a trick to that.

I was very glad to get back to California. My summer vacation was fun.

The End

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Blakey and Debs in Sherwood Forest

That's me, that's Blakey, that's the set list and JT's towel. (Blakey got them as a present for a TTPer who couldn't be there. What a woman!)

Debs: Drakkar Noir? No...
Syd: Dune Pour Homme? CK1, maybe?
Debs: I do believe it's Eau de John Tayloire...
Syd: Why, I absolutely MUST have it!


Yep, I finally figured out how to tweak the photos properly on my scanner thingie. Thank you to everyone who asked me what the hell I thought I was doing, making their pooter screens look like a drive-in movie...hey, it bugged me, too! :)

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