Yes, it's Blakey and Debs with John's towel and set list for the Luxor/ Las Vegas show.
The set included:
"Rio/Some Like It Hot", "Sin of the City", "Everyone Is Getting It But Me", "Better Way", "Hey Day", "Drowning Man", "The Only One", "ANON", "Feelings Are Good", "Can You Deal With It", "Get It On(Bang A Gong)", "My Own Way", "Planet Earth/Good Times", and "Hold Back The Rain".

Down in the casino of Excalibur, Blakey waits while Debs takes one last stab at the slots.

"But I could have SWORN there were auditions for Mary Magdalene being held here..."

WAIT! There's More!

Yes, more. It seems as though being your own travel agent can do wonders for a boring flight. Just go to the next page and you *might* be able to see what I'm talking about. (I couldn't resist...)

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